This is a list of the various characters in the Slylock Fox Universe. the first paragraph is the original "official" description; additional text is how the character is seen through a lens darkly. While the comic divides the characters into good guys and bad guys, the world of noir film is never that clear-cut. I list them here in alphabetical order.


Bertha Bear


No official description I could find.

Bertha seems to break out of prison a lot. Why was she in prison? How does she break out so easily?

Big Brad Wolf

big brad.gif

No official description I could find.

Probably a used-car salesman with shady dealings on the side. Maybe he launders money through the service department? I mean, you don't really think a replacement key costs 30 bucks, do you?

Buford Bull


No official description I could find.

It seems that Buford acts as Cassandra's boyfriend in more than one comic. He's a minor crime boss who relies more on brawn than brains. Cassie enjoys stringing him along and making him the fall guy in her schemes.

Cassandra Cat


A jewel thief who gets by on her charm and beauty. Slylock seems to be the only one who is not fazed.

Ha ha, just kidding. Slylock is often fazed by this femme fatale. They have more than once shared a secret tryst.

Count Weirdly


An eccentric scientist who lives in a castle full of creepy creatures and monsters. His crimes range from dangerously insane to simple cons.


Max Mouse


Slylock's sidekick. He occasionally finds clues that Slylock misses, but is usually less focused.

In this world he speaks with a Brooklyn accent. Why the matching pink shorts and bowler? Is he otherwise naked or does he wear a fur-colored body suit? Why no shoes, even in the coldest weather? The world is simply not ready for the answers.

Slylock Fox

A fox detective who relies on logic and observation. He normally appears quite stoic.

The lead character of this story is a hard-boiled detective