I think we made a new friend.

When I was young I, like my father before me, was allergic to walnuts. It wasn’t serious, just numbness and tingling in the mouth. I’m not sure when it changed but I can eat them now. There’s a lovely prepared salad at Fred Meyer (the local branch of Kroger) that has cranberries and glazed walnuts and I think a raspberry vinaigrette. I’m trying to snack healthier so when I bought some pecans and cashews at WinCo, I got a bag of walnuts as well.

 The operative word in the previous paragraph is “glazed.”

These things taste like wood. It’s like chewing on a branch but softer.. I don’t know, maybe I got an off batch? Regardless, I found them inedible. 

What do you do with a chubby squirrel? earl-eye in the morning

What do you do with a chubby squirrel? earl-eye in the morning

But this little guy didn’t. So now every afternoon before I go to work I scatter walnut pieces for him on the balcony, and leave the drapes open so Azunyan can watch. In completely separate news, she’s stopped snuggling with me while I’m drinking my coffee and browsing the Net before breakfast. I have no idea why. 😜

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