But Mostly Stellaris

Hey all. Sorry for the preposterous delay on this one. Lots of things have been going on and while I want to share with everyone, well, lots of things. So to make it manageable I’ll sum up here and then add the pretty pretty pictures that keep y’all coming back in later posts. 

First thing is that I wrapped up that big gym, and since I did cool stuff there the principal asked me to do a couple more swooshes in the hallways leading from the main entry to the cafeteria and playground. He gave me complete creative control and I ran with it. And when I finally finished that, he gave me an awesome letter of praise (which I have never received before). Also Girl Scout cookies, so apologies to my doctor for not meeting my weight loss goals.

Second thing is that I started this draft on April 12, almost exactly a month ago. Le sigh. I've lost a lot of the momentum I gained when I first got my meds sorted. I'm glad I jumped on the energy while I had it, but it also means that a good many of those projects I started are falling by the wayside. Which is too bad, but I need to manage the resources I have. I am glad to say that I remain largely ignorant of  politics and greater events in the world, and my mental and emotional health are all the better for it. Looks like Fearless Leader has tanked the Iran deal, so we can expect them to get their nuclear weapons program up and running PDQ. So, he has kept one of his campaign promises: I am definitely tired of all this "winning."

The main culprit behind my absence has been the computer game Stellaris. It hits a lot of my sweet spots and has sucked me in completely. Which, yay for loving things! But also I can't blog properly from my iPad which really sucks. So here I am, siting in front of the 42" flatscreen that serves as my monitor, using all my willpower to not click the icon leading to my galactic empire. (This time through I'm playing as a race I customized, the Felinoids. Yes you can play as cat-people. They are strong and clever, but sedentary and aloof.) It's great, you can do a lot to customize your faction depending on your playstyle preferences. I almost always jump on the research bandwagon in these kind of games so of course both the species and society I've chosen promote that.

I also burned through season 2 of Jessica Jones, I'm slowly working through the new Doctor Who series, and I have books to read, among them the mystery that JK Rowling penned as "Robert Galbraith." And they expect me to show up at work, too! It's just not fair.

So I guess that's my update. Yes, still alive. And breathing. Just giving in to my obsessions.