Some Random Thoughts

Someday I’ll learn. Early this month I felt lucky, that I might have dodged the seasonal illness that goes around every year. And a scant few days later it landed on my face. Just like it does every year. This week I finally felt up to getting back to work, though I took it easy. I still have some sinus gunk and the cough that goes with it. But at least my energy level is returning to normal.

Azunyan hasn’t complained though. She’s been a good snuggle buddy and has encouraged me to take lots of naps. Well, okay, she did complain about me returning to work. In fact I was late a couple of days because she’s so good at stalling me. But could you say no to this sweet baby?


I’ve also been able to rewatch ‘Witch Hunter Robin.’ One of my roommates just out of college was really into anime and Robin was one of the first ones he introduced me to. I’m not as immersed in the culture and genre as a lot of people seem to be; there’s too much other media that I enjoy consuming. I’m the stone skipping across the pond rather than the one sunk to the bottom; I know a little about a lot of things rather than being expert in just a few. I don’t think that either is better than the other, though I do often wish that I had the ability to maintain that level of interest, to truly grok a subject. But also maybe I get references other people don’t? 🤷🏻‍♂️✌🏻